We declare our full solidarity with Ukraine. We stand by the side of our Ukrainian partners and colleagues, and at the same time also by the side of our partners in Russian civil society who are under harsh state repression.

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Expert conference Wednesday, 06. April 2022 in
30 Years After the Start of the War: A Watershed Moment for Bosnia & Herzegovina Too?
Discussion series Wednesday, 06. April 2022
Part of the series "Decolonial Dialogues: Towards a New Relational Ethic between Africa and Europe"
Discussion series Tuesday, 10. May 2022
Part of the series "Decolonial Dialogues: Towards a New Relational Ethic between Africa and Europe"
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Discussion series Tuesday, 21. June 2022
Part of the series "Decolonial Dialogues: Towards a New Relational Ethic between Africa and Europe"
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By examining the role of youth in pro-democracy movements from a wide range of perspectives, this dossier aims to amplify and spread knowledge about the political involvement of youth in their respective regions and, subsequently, to contribute to improve international support mechanisms for ‘Young Advocates For Democracy’ (YA4D).

The major platform providers have become decisive players on the internet - not only as critical information infrastructures, but also at content level. They moderate, they curate content, and block accounts based on rules they set themselves. We ask: How do private companies influence the public debate, and how can they be democratically scrutinised?

Perspectives Southeastern Europe #10: Green transition and social (in)justice


The analytical commentaries of this issue discuss the prospects for a just green transition in the Western Balkan countries and their particular contexts of structural injustices in the societies and transition legacies. The fundamental economic and technological changes for a decarbonisation of the widely coal dependent economies in the region need to be accompanied not only by another attitude to nature and biodiversity but also by a new set of social relationships and innovations in governance and civic participation.

Reawakening student activism: a case study of Malaysia and Singapore


Malaysia and Singapore share a history of suppression of youth activism by the state, and as a result, this has led to the depoliticisation of young people, who are often labelled as apathetic. However, the changing realities of both countries, ­such as the instability of the economy, has led young people to engage more in political discussions in recent years. However, the rise of youth activism also entails rising harassment and state suppression of youth activists through surveillance, arrests and threats to future employability. 

In the wake of the coup: how Myanmar youth arose to fight for the nation


Based on 34 individual interviews with youth activists involved in the peaceful anti-coup resistance movement in Myanmar, this paper asks: What are the conceptualisations, motivations and expectations held by youth activists participating in the peaceful 2021 anti-coup movement, and what challenges do they face?

Ukraine and the European Green Deal


Ukraine was among the first EU neighbours to announce their readiness to contribute to the European Green Deal and a high-level EU-Ukraine dialogue on this topic has already commenced. However, what are the contours of Ukraine’s engagement with the EGD and how will it move forward?

Presente y Futuro de la Movilidad en España

European Mobility Atlas 2021

Este documento es un complemento a la versión en español del “Atlas Europeo de la Movilidad 2021” de la Fundación Heinrich Böll y la Fundación Verde Europea, en cooperación con la Fundación Transición Verde y la Fundació Nous Horitzons.

Atlas Europeo de la Movilidad 2021


El transporte y la movilidad sostenibles son fundamentales para hacer frente a la crisis climática y alcanzar los objetivos del Pacto Verde Europeo. Sin embargo, el transporte hoy representa casi el 30 por ciento de las emisiones de CO₂ dentro de la Unión Europea. ¿Cómo puede la UE reducir sus emisiones de transporte y movilidad al mismo tiempo que conecta a los ciudadanos, crea empleos verdes y lidera la innovación en el sector?

Beyond the Crisis Mode of the EU-Turkey Refugee Agreement


This policy paper assesses the effects of the EU Turkey Refugee Agreement for Greece, Turkey and the European Union. It provides an overview of the 2015 context and the development of the agreement and analyses its repercussions in the region as well as for the EU as a whole. It concludes that the EU needs a strong alternative to the current agreement with Turkey, which is rights-based and sustainable.

Practicing Feminist Foreign Policy in the Everyday: A Toolkit


Feminist foreign policy is emerging as a new paradigm in international relations. The concept raises expectations of a more peaceful and just foreign policy, but its theoretical dimension and practical implementation are often not clearly defined. This toolkit tries to close this gap and clarify key terms of feminist foreign policy, as well as outline the practical application of the feminist approach to international diplomacy, to security, environmental, development, trade and migration policy.

Shaping the Future of Multilateralism: Artificial distinction between climate change adaptation and development restricts access to climate finance for developing countries


Urgently addressing the growing impact of climate change in developing countries, especially on the most poor and marginalized people and communities, requires a better understanding of what constitutes adaptation, how it applies in local contexts, and how to increase the quantity and quality of financing provided for such measures.

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