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Boxwood Wreath


Boxwood Wreath

18 inch wreath with Boxwood style faux greenery on a grapevine base. Hanger built in for convenience. Perfect for any decor. Ties in well with the farmhouse style and Rae Dunn.


Boxwood Wreath




発音 kjúːbɪk (キュービク)

used to show that a measurement is the volume of something, that is the height multiplied by the length and the width

形容詞 《数学》 立方の,三次元の;立方体の,立体の

cube は”立方体”。

《 Oxford英英辞典の例文(英文) 》
How many cubic metres of water are needed to fill the tank?

cubic meter (立方メートル)

cubic capacity (容積)

 plant が slant ・・・。

発音 slænt (スラント)

to slope or to make something slope in a particular direction or at a particular angle

動詞 傾く,斜めになる,傾斜する,を傾ける,を斜めにする,を傾斜させる,(光などが)斜めに射す,斜めに進む;(事実、記事など)をゆがめて書く、偏って扱う(toward ... 特定の読者層向きに)
名詞 傾斜,傾き;偏った見解,偏向

《 Cambridge英英辞典の例文(英文) 》
In one corner was a fixed, small desk with a slanted top.

The evening sun slanted through the window.

This book is slanted toward young adults.

the slant of a roof (屋根の勾配)

on a slant (傾斜して)

slant-eyed ― [形] つり目の,上がり目の *アジア人への侮蔑のニュアンスあり。


発音 nóʊzdàɪv (ノウズダイヴ)

a sudden steep fall or drop; a situation where something suddenly becomes worse or begins to fail

名詞 (価格や価値などの)暴落,急落;(飛行機などの)垂直降下,急降下
動詞 (価格や価値などが)暴落する、がた落ちする;(飛行機が)急降下する


The stock market took a nosedive.

《 Oxford英英辞典の例文(英文) 》
Her spirits took a sudden nosedive after her husband's death.

go into a nosedive (暴落する,急降下する,がた落ちする)

The company's share price nosedived more than 30 percent.
: 類義語 Ravensburger Wasgij Puzzle

grumpy 【不機嫌な】

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発音 grʌ́mpi (グランピ)

easily annoyed; in a bad mood

形容詞 《informal》 不機嫌な,いらいらした,気難しい

a grumpy old man (気難しい爺さん)

Bob gets grumpy when he's hungry.

似たような単語 grouchy もほぼ同じ意味を持っていますが、grumpy のほうが一般的でややマイルドなニュアンス。

grumpily 不機嫌に
grump 機嫌の悪い人,不平家